Dear colleagues,

We have the pleasure to announce the International DASIM Conference

Tracing Denitrification
March 12 -14 2019 in Giessen, Germany.

Please save the date!

Scope of the conference:

Despite being intensively studied for a long time and numerous recent advances in methods and techniques, analytical tools, small scale resolution, quantification, computational power and process-based modeling, we still lack a comprehensive understanding of denitrification and its emissions of gaseous nitrogen compounds in agricultural soils.

This conference focuses on the complexity of soil denitrification as well as further processes contributing to nitric oxide, nitrous oxide and dinitrogen emissions. The conference addresses various scales by bridging disciplines and bringing together researchers from different fields of science. It aims to create a forum for exchanging latest research results and new ideas as well as to stimulate interdisciplinary cooperation to adequately address open questions in the area of denitrification.

The scientific sessions will thus cover denitrifying issues across scales, e.g. from cellular regulation of denitrifying microorganisms, small scale resolution of soil structure, organic matter quality, plant effects, enhanced experimental methods at lab and field scale as well as advanced modeling approaches of dinitrogen and nitrous oxide fluxes on small and field scale.


Organization of the conference

We, the interdisciplinary DFG research unit DASIM (Denitrification in Agricultural Soils – Integrated Control and Modeling at various scales), are pleased to organize this conference and intend to link our Germany-wide collaboration to international scientists in the field. We wish to bring together scientists experienced in lab and field work and experts on denitrification modeling to enhance mutual understanding, communication and networking.

The conference will start on Tuesday (March 12) in the afternoon with registration, opening lecture and Icebreaker-Poster-Party. There will be no concurrent sessions in order to provide greatest opportunities for interaction. Posters will be displayed for the entire duration of the conference until Thursday noon.

This brief note intends to provide you with the conference date and venue for your planning purposes. More detailed information – including abstract submission of talks and posters, registration information, etc. – will follow in the upcoming weeks.

We are looking forward to arranging a stimulating conference and hope that you will be able to participate. Please feel free to forward the link of this web page to interested colleagues/students etc.