Aquí os pongo esta información sobre ayudas para hacer el doctorado en temas de agrobiología relacionados con los fertilizantes y la emisión de CO2.


 The deadline for application is the 8th of September. All the details are in the document and also in the attached annex 1.

This is the web page:

Could you please forward these informations to some of your students who may be interested.

Our potential research areas are:

1. sustainable crop management strategies to maintain or increase soil fertility (i.e., arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi; introduction of leguminous species; tillage etc);
2. production and quality of wheat (old and new varieties) inoculated with AMF, different N fertiliser doses and splittings and biofortification treatments (e.e., Zn and Fe).
3. CO2 emissions from soil.

Our interest is the uptake of nutrients and the nutraceutial value (polyphenols, flavonoids) of the productions and the development of AM fungal inoculants for field applications.