With the aim to recover resources contained in wastewater, the issue of treatment and recovery of sidestreams in wastewater treatment plants is crucial. These fluxes, coming mainly from the dehydration of sludge after treatment, may contain significant amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus which should be managed at best to: (i) not adversely impact the quality of the treated water and (ii) limit the extra costs of treatment.

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The objective of the PhD work is to make an inventory of the proposed technologies for the treatment and recovery of effluents from sludge lines, including anaerobic digestion. The first step is to establish protocols for the characterisation of these streams that provide the data required to enlighten the choice of treatment/recovery processes. These protocols will be implemented on two or three wastewater treatment plants currently under study, and the results integrated into models. Different scenarios will then be compared, using simulation, integrating the impact of the choices made on the overall performance of the installation and the associated costs (energy and reagents consumed).

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